NANOMAG is an interdepartmental group founded by professors M. Arturo López-Quintela (Dept. of Physical Chemistry) and José Rivas (Dept. of Applied Physics), which is part of the Institute of Technological Investigations of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The research unit has a long history in the preparation of nanomaterials, as well as in the study of their properties and industrial applications.

From the research outputs one can highlight the foundation of the Nanogap Company ( a spin out of this research group started in 2006. Current research is focused on advanced materials with developments in the fields of catalysis, nanomedicine, energy, environment, optoelectronics, spintronics, nano-microelectronics, caloritonics and heritage conservation.


Our research interest is centred upon the study of advanced materials in the form of nanomaterials and thin films, and can be divided four different areas:

1) Atomic Quantum Clusters

Materials below ≈ 1nm, with a few number of atoms.

2) Nanoparticles and Magnetic Nanostructures

Hybrid magnetic nanomaterials

3) Functional Polymers

Hybrid and nanostructured polymers.

4) Thin Film Nanomaterials

Laser- and polymer-assisted thin film oxides.


We are aware that technology protection is the only way to create a sustainable economic growth in our region. Therefore, improving competitiveness of existing companies through transfer of intellectual property rights or starting new technology-based companies is one of the main challenges in our research group.


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